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Donations are what keep our institutions afloat. Be it a couple of pounds or large pledges, every little counts and has counted throughout these years. We understand that similar to Madni Masjid there are other establishments equally putting effort in their communities thus encourage our locals to give generously and give far and wide. It is imperative we make this a collective goal and not just for our own Masajid.


Madni Masjid has a supporting approach to other institutions and have actively offered our premises as a platform for them to raise funds. Such organisations wanting to apply for a donation/chandah collection must comply with the following rules:

  1. A new application form must be completed for each collection.

  2. Permission for collection will only be given after all documents are presented as stated on the application form and any enquires successfully completed.

  3. Only one chandah collection will be allowed per organisation per each Islamic calendar year.

  4. Announcement for chandah will only be allowed after ONE salaah.  The announcement should be no longer than two minutes.

  5. The Madni Masjid Management Committee have full authority to refuse or cancel any collection within the Masjid.

  6. A receipt must be provided to the 'Masjid chandah collection co-ordinator' before leaving the Masjid premises.

  7. A UK contact number must be provided in order that contact can be made in the event of any emergency or unforeseen event.

  8. Chandah appointments will not be confirmed over the telephone. Applications must be in person or via e-mail.

Please click below to download the chanda form.


All chanda collectors for Madni Masjid will be carrying I.D. cards. The card will have the masjid logo, contact details and the collecting persons name. If in doubt please call the masjid to confirm ID.


Standing Order (S.O.) payments are easy and you stay in control. They are similar to Direct Debit (DD) but with DD the Masjid would control the amounts received, with S.O. you decide how much you want to pay and for how long. There is NO minimum amount. The S.O. slips are available in the Masjid and on our website, please complete and then hand-in at your bank.

Please click below to download the standing order mandate.


For those wishing to donate via BACS or faster payment please do so using the details below. May Allah SWT reward you for all your efforts.

Account Name: W Bowling Islamic Society Dep  |  Account Number: 63582373  |  Sort Code: 05-03-38

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